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Adagio is playing a duet with Willie "The Lion" Smith.

Let's construct a C minor 7th chord.Its symbol is: "Cm7," "Cmin7," or "C-7." First, we set up a C chromatic scale. Then we look up "R," "min" and "7" in the "SEE" row (one symbol-at-a-time) and follow the directions (one symbol-at-a-time) directly below in the "PLAY" row. That's all there is to it:

C minor 7 chord: (C-Eb-G-Bb). The video shows how easy it is to transpose to any key.

AbraCHORDabra set up in a

C chromatic scale

Full complement of magnetized letters include double flats and an F double sharp !

Welcome to Abra-CHORD-Abra
Construct ANY chord or scale, in ANY key with our MAGNETIC chord and scale maker. You will UNDERSTAND chord and scale structure - because rather than "looking up" a chord or scale, you will ACTUALLY BUILD them!  IT'S FUN !  For ALL INSTRUMENTS

 With magnetic letters, you can feel free to experiment and make mistakes.

This makes learning fun!