Music Theory Magic

Yo-Yo is playing for the dancers in Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Dance at Bougival." (These prairie dogs do get around)

By the way, that's Gypsy and me in the corn patch. (I'm the one sitting in the chair). The very tall corn is a Peruvian variety called Morado. Above, is Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole and Louis Armstrong. In the lower left is Sophia the cat, Galen, Kwayah and Lisa.

Lisa and I live in Waterville, Maine with our two kids, a dog and a cat. I studied art history, drawing, painting and sculpture at Columbia College in New York city - under Joseph Stefanelli, Anthony Padovano, Dustin Rice, John Heliker, and Robert Beverly Hale (among others). I have never gone to music school. I do not pretend to be a music teacher. I have applied my artistic training and experience to illustrating chord and scale structure in innovative ways. My paintings can be used by music teachers or by individuals who choose to "go it" on their own. There are a myriad of method books available, and the paintings can be used along with any of them. The paintings are not meant to replace traditional ways of teaching - but to supplement them - particularly for visual learners. It goes without saying, that a qualified teacher is essential to learning the various techniques that apply to different instruments. One wants to establish good playing habits from the beginning, and a qualified teacher can set you on the right path.